Final Conference Re@WBC Project


The Re@WBC European project, supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme, is ending The results of the project will be presented during the final conference which will be held on 10 September in the building of the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, Studentski trg no 1.  The Towards Excellence in Research: Achievements and Visions of Re@WBC conference, dedicated to the presentation of the Re@WBC project results, will be opened by the Vice-Rector of the University of Belgrade, Professor Ivanka Popović. Apart from the presentation of the results, which will be done by all partners, including the representatives of the University of Niš, which is the university coordinating this project, the conference will start the discussion on the topic of the importance of the position of researchers in the future, as well as on the experiences from the European Union with regard to the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers – HRS4R. Apart from the University of Nis, the following institutions represent partners on this ambitious project, Universities from Belgrade, Kragujevac and Novi Sad, as well as universities from Coventry, Liège, Tirana, Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Montenegro, University of Vlorë "Ismail Kemali", Politecnico from Turin and the Centre for the Promotion of Science. We invite everyone who is interested to attend the conference which will take place on Monday, 10 September starting from 11 o’clock. The detailed agenda for the conference can be found on the following link.