New round of trainings for Researchers in September


The Re@WBC project will carry on with training sessions in the second year of the project. Training sessions constitute one of the most important activities within the Re@WBC project and in September 2017 there will be four training sessions for university staff. Training sessions, defined in the project plan as activity 3.4. “Young researchers trained in various skills", will be organized at following universities:

University of Kragujevac, 11-12. September;
University of Vlora and University of Tirana, 13-14. September;
University of East Sarajevo, 15-15. September.

These trainings are being organized for researchers and will cover the following topics:

Project management;
Writing research project proposals;
Inter-cultural communication;
Research ethics;

The trainings on these topics, which are of great importance to every researcher, will be led by trainers from the University of Liege, University of Coventry and University of Torino, who are partner institutions within the project.