Promotions of the Guidebook for young Researchers at International Book Fair


During the 63. International Book Fair held in Belgrade 20-28, October 2018, two book promotions of the GUIDEBOOK FOR YOUNG RESEARCHERS were organized, a book addressing primarily young researchers that has been published within the RE@WBC project. These two events happened in Hall 4, on 26.10.2018., in the hall for promotions „Branko Miljkovic“, where a one-day programme was organized featuring appearances of various authors, literary artists, publishers and members of the academia from Nis, and also in Hall 2 at the University of Belgrade stand. The book attracted great attention as this is the first time that such a publication is available in which young researchers are offered answers to all important questions and problems that they might be struggling with at this period of their careers regarding publishing, professional ethics, methodology of scientific research, databases etc. At this occasion a number of book copies was distributed to interested researchers.