Training for EC members in Kragujevac


Why do we need Research Committees – training for EC members in Kragujevac

The University of Kragujevac will be hosting two – day training for 36 members of ethic committees from Re@WBC partner universities on 10 – 11 of November.

Two – day training in Kragujevac will cover important topics and open some of the crucial questions in science when it comes to ethics:

• Why do we need Research Ethics Committees and what do they do?
• Who should sit on an ethics committee: Moral preferences or subject expertise?
• Developing capability in research ethics: Ethics Committee Members as role models, mentors, and trainers.
• How European universities deal with integrity and ethics, and how they train the researchers for good practices in research?

Training will be organized and lead by EU partners whose rich experience will vouch for its successful completion, so as to improve the quality of work of EC. Open discussions should lead to researchers’ having better service and receiving a more satisfactory response when it comes to setting right the procedures that they find incorrectly run in some way, or exercising their rights in general, which will ultimately produce a much better working environment in the WBP universities, and also result in having the best of researchers working there.

Dr Isabelle Halleux from Univesity of Liege and dr Kieran Fenby- Hulse from University of Coventry will lead the training.