Training for trainers at Coventry University, 15-16 of December


In the mid of December, Coventry University will be hosting a two-day training for trainers for Re@WBC partner universities.
Dr Rebekah Smith McGloin, Prof. Dobrila Petrovic, Dr Heather Sears and Dr Kieran Fenby- Huls, all from Coventry University, will lead training sessions and workshops.
Organized workshops and lectures for Phd students will take place on December 15, and the main topic will be supervision training for supervisors and students. Lectures and workshops will provide examples of good practices of supervision, but also dedicate time to show how to manage supervisory relationship.
The second day, December 16, will cover more practical communication issues and questions such as how to improve presentational skills if you are early-career researcher or how to write successful funding proposal. Those questions are important for every young researcher.